Option 4 of the Big Bear Invitations- trial run. This card reads “Let’s Celebrate” and contains a champagne bottle. For an actually depiction of the Big Bear trip, there should be about 30 champagne bottles, but I think you understand how crowded the card would look then. 

(Source: inviteoption4)

20 September 2010 ·

Option 3 of the Big Bear Invitations- trial run. This card is on coloured paper and, like the others, contains a stamp and an embellishment. The design of this card can be replicated with different stamps and different embellishments. 

(Source: inviteption3)

20 September 2010 ·

Option 2 of the Big Bear Invitations- trial run. This embellishment/design is in the middle of the card and reads “You’re invited!” Like with all the cards, ink borders every side of the card and matches the stamp. 

(Source: inviteoption2)

20 September 2010 ·

Option 1 of the Big Bear Invitations- trial run. Take note of the look of the card- the placement of the embellishment, the stamp, and what the stamp says. Other invitations in this line would look similar to this card. 

(Source: inviteoption1)

20 September 2010 ·

Another card for the Petaluma series! Unsure why Petaluma was once the egg capital of the world? Check out this video! 

1 August 2010 ·

Green polka dot card for whatever the occasion is! You might be able to see in the third picture that some of the dots are 3D. I like how it adds some pizazz without getting you dizzy…. unlike magic eye

1 August 2010 ·

The Artist

My name is Kari and I live in Petaluma, CA.

When I’m not working, playing volleyball, or listening to music… I’m crafting.

I enjoy making cards, designing mosaics, and glueing buttons and paper on pretty much anything.